Symbol from NEM, the piece of the puzzle we were missing yet

Symbol from NEM, on NEM Hub

Look at a puzzle with all its pieces put in the only right place available in the grid! Only if all the pieces are well connected, the whole picture is successful. And if it happens a piece is missing, you’ll look for the right piece that fits perfectly!

No business is guaranteed to be successful for years and years after its first settlement, there will always be the need to improve its technical structure, its departments, its product portfolio, to expand its userbase, in order to create value and be successful.

If your business doesn’t look to be able to create value and profit for you, probably your puzzle is missing the connection with the right piece. It doesn’t matter if you have already adopted a blockchain solution or not, you should adopt the right one to get the maximum benefit.

What is SYMBOL?

Put is simple, it’s the missing piece in your puzzle! SYMBOL is one of the most advanced and flexible blockchains out there, able to connect the dots and to boost your business.

SYMBOL is the new open-source chain built from scratch from NEM, it is its new high-performance, trustless, robust to external attacks, high customizable layered DLT protocol. SYMBOL evaluates the reputation of its participants, takes into account several other factors, and uses a Proof-of-Stake+ (PoS+), based consensus mechanism to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

SYMBOL is based on a layered architecture and a plugin-style framework to support contracts:

  • the APIs layer ensures interoperability widely, realizing interconnection with existing enterprise processes and systems, applications, legacy systems, and blockchains;
  • thanks to the plugin framework, it is more resilient to network attacks and human errors; also, processing speed, development type, and flexibility are well improved.

SYMBOL gives you all the advantages of both a private or a public deployment: you can build your private, public, or hybrid blockchain, it’s on top of you and your business need.

Symbol is the trusted, secure value exchange network for business. Symbol smooths business friction, increasing the flow of data and innovation to supercharge the creation, exchange and protection of assets.


Whether you’re looking to streamline transactions, tokenize assets, enable transparent trading, or protect data and identity, our platform can remove business friction and complexities.

SYMBOL offers you all those powering possibilities: Fintech, Gaming, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Real Estate, Education, Insurance, Government.

Low learning curve and time to market: SYMBOL provides all the necessary tools, features, and support to faster the development side and meet the developers’ expectations, and yours! SYMBOL offers brand, business, developers, and individual connections to enable value creation.

SYMBOL comes out from the past experience of the NEM foundation, it has been built taking into account the feedback raised by the community, the developers, the continuous market analysis, and the real need of the industry.

Most of the public, private, institutional key players of the nowadays new economy have been looking at the blockchain technology for years and have been running pilot projects for testing purposes. So, very probably a blockchain-based solution is what you need to expand your business, just identify the service you have to move or build on top of SYMBOL to get benefit from it!

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