My Journey: from AVA Hub to Borealis

AVA Borealis is the name of the first release of AVA, the new generation platform which enables the development of a platform of platforms, with high-performance, scalable, secure and customizable features. AVA features are included by construction on the platform!

What does it mean? It means you don’t have to think of developing blockchains and DApps able to high TPS, low finality time, robust, secure, that is what AVA is able to do for you: the platform supports TPS in the thousands, finalizes transactions in approximately 1 second in public permissionless networks with thousand running nodes, it uses PoS to protect against Sybil attacks, it includes architectural components and toolset to help developers building and customizing their applications.

The core component of the platform is Avalanche, a new revolutionary family of consensus protocols that implement the best of classical consensus and Nakamoto consensus, able to guarantee high performance and robustness, that finalize transactions in a few seconds, enabling so the implementation of verticals which require real-time capabilities, i.e. finance, payments, IoT, etc..

What can you build and deploy on AVA? On the AVA platform you can deploy private (permissioned) and public (permissionless) blockchains, build your own virtual machine, launch smart assets, digitize real-world assets, launch smart contracts and DApps. You can configure your blockchain by customizing the subnet you deploy to run it.

AVA launched a testbed of their technology, Athereum, a friendly fork of Ethereum, it is 99% Ethereum and 1% AVA. Using the same keys, contracts, and tools already available, Metamask, MEW, Remix, all are working out of the box. This implementation shows the world that Ethereum can scale also today with the existing technology. Have a look at this article for more detail.

AVA Labs is the startup that recently appeared in the blockchain industry, it was founded by Emin Gün Sirer and Kevin Sekniqi, Cornell University professors; AVA Labs is leading the development of the AVA platform.


AVA Hub is the community accelerator built to reward community contributions; it is built on top of the Social Mining platform developed by DAO Maker to create and empower decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). Community participation comes from many skill sets including research, education, and development for the AVA Platform.

Participants have to do their best to create original contribution, the Hub is not a bounty program, it is an accelerator that aims at building and growing the AVA community, the ecosystem and the awareness out there.

You can join the AVA Hub now, you can be a content writer, you can create visual content, you can share content on social media, you can submit tasks the team regularly publishes on the Hub. You have the chance to learn about the AVA platform and its groundbreaking technology, to contribute and earn for the effort and quality you put in.

What the main advantage for the AVA Hub participants? You can earn AVA points for your contributions to the AVA ecosystem, 5$, 30$, or even 100$ worth per month. Some guys made it up to accumulate AVA points more than 100$ worth in one month. AVA points are rewarded for community contributions and used for redeeming prizes from the AVA Hub Marketplace. The AVA marketplace is open to everyone and includes prizes such as:
Amazon/Netflix/Spotify gift cards

  • Amazon/Netflix/Spotify gift cards
  • AVA Swag
  • Exclusive Collectables
  • AVA Tokens

Let me put the economic aspects aside — your main advantage joining AVA Hub consists of personal improvement, you can learn about the project and its technical aspects and stay in touch with the team; your feeling will be “oh wow, I’m really aware of what the team is developing here, I’m a contributor, I’m part of it!”.

You can enhance your research ability and enrich your knowledge, you will be aware of the main issues and challenges of nowadays blockchains, and why AVA represents the candidate platform to solve these issues and to advance the State of The Art! And probably you will have a clear strategy if it worth to invest in AVA when they will launch their ICO!

My personal experience

I’m interested in AVA since the last February when they launched AVA Hub; I’m an enthusiast of the crypto space, blockchain technology, decentralization, and a passionate of the Social Mining platform developed by DAO Maker. I’m following DAO Maker and all the projects that have been partnering with them: I have been gaining a lot of experience, knowledge, and excitement following and researching about these projects.

Talking about AVA, I’m fascinated by their solution, and the core of their platform, the Avalanche consensus, is defined on top of well-known academic theories and researches, they have been developing, they have been putting the research on the road, implementing it! That’s fascinating.

As a community member, I started creating awareness on social media, creating memes, creating organic content, supporting the project. It is a daily challenge, to learn more, to get better results! You can’t wait for the team to submit a new task in order to work on it!

AVA Labs released Borealis as open code and launched the Developer Accelerator Program (AVA DAP), that’s a call for bug hunters, software testers, dev ops and security engineers to participate, run the Borealis network, find bugs and suggest candidate improvements of the code. A very great chance to get rewarded up to $50k!

Running AVA Borealis was one of the more challenging tasks for me, I have some entry-level skills with the Linux shell, so I didn’t worry too much about doing it. Anyway, in the end, it was simpler than I thought, it is within everyone’s reach, the documentation is well explained, everyone can follow the steps and achieve it. Also, you don’t need a cutting-edge pc, my 10 years old pc (4 Intel Core i5 CPU M 480 @ 2.67 GHz x 4, 3.6 GiB, Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS 64-bit) worked smoothly!

It took me an hour to set up all the environment, to install Go, gecko (the AVA client implemented in Go), Avash (the node launcher for AVA), node.js, the AVA Wallet app, and the AVA Faucet app.

The AVA Borealis network is running in my local environment right now, I did nothing more than following the steps reported in the AVA official guide! You can see in the following screenshots:

  • the Avash shell: executing the procmanager list command it is possible to show the running nodes;
Avash shell
  • the wallet and the related shell: I got 100 tokens from the Faucet app (running at the local address https://localhost:8081/) by issuing 4 transactions (drops are visible in the output of the shell);
The AVA wallet and the shell
  • 2 AVA wallets: I created 2 wallets in order to issue transactions to exchange tokens between them.
AVA wallets

That’s all, it was very engaging to me, and I got my rewards submitting my completed task in the Hub! It really makes sense to give it a try, it’s a well-spent couple of hours to learn something new!

You can start now, please register your account in the AVA Hub and start contributing and working to complete the open tasks. In addition, you can take advantage of the referral feature available now on the platform, you can use this link to register your account, we will share each other the 5% of our rewards! Don’t miss it!

I hope to be able to launch soon a local network without following the custom installation, choosing by myself how many nodes to run. It would also be interesting to issue a new asset on the platform.

See you soon again …

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