Do you tweet daily? Start claiming your LTO tokens!

Here we are, DAO Maker has been developing a new version of the Social Mining platform and it’s now time to test if the new engine works fine! For this reason, DAO Maker started yesterday the Weekly Twitter Bug Hunting Competition.

That’s a weekly competition, participants in the first week will earn LTO tokens for their effort, TBA what tokens will be distributed for the next weeks.

What are they testing right now? They are testing a new engine able to reason on the impact and the engagement generated by the platform’s users on Twitter!

How to take part in this competition? The system need to elaborate tweets, basically you have (1) to create an account in their platform and (2) tweet including the #DAOMAKER and #LTO hashtags.

You can start with 2 tweets a day, you can increase the number of tweets you can publish and the system takes into account, so you can potentially increase your share of the LTO pool. For the first week, the amount of LTO tokens worths from $150 up to $500 according to the number of participants.

If you get a good engagement from your tweets, the system enables you to tweet more and to earn more.

Following the detail of the competition, you can find it on the DAO Maker telegram channel (

We are testing several new features on Social Mining and need your help to try them out and generate valuable feedback and data.

How the System Works

Every week, the new system will workdrop a popular ERC20 Token. The new system goes live starting this week, and the week’s token is LTO Network.

For each qualified Tweet that the system assesses as high quality, users will be given 0.1 reputation. The system assesses quality based on uniqueness of Tweet text, impressions, and engagement (clicks). It then calculates the USD-equivalent value of the Tweet and uses that to equate the quality score.

Depending on Tweet quality, you will receive reputation redeemable for project tokens, and potentially even merch in the marketplace.


At the start of the week all users can write up 2 Tweets a day. This number will increase or decrease depending on the net quality of the Tweets.

A. Hashtags: All Tweets need to include #LTO & #DAOMAKER.

B. Points: Each Tweet can earn up to 200 Points depending on its quality. Everyday, the system will rank the 15 best Tweets and reward those users an additional 0.1 reputation.

C. Caution: Everyday, the system will also remove up to 0.1 rep from up to 15 users if the quality equation detects their work as spam.

D. Reputation: Higher Reputation is important. It will allow the user to write more Tweets or do more work. This means that the users with the highest quality work, from the very beginning, will have an advantage that keeps growing.

E. Hodl: Users that hold LTO ERC20 will also be able to Tweet more per week.

F. Earn: Users with the most points and reputation will be given far more rewards at the end of the the week. In the first week, the system will allocate between $150 and $500 worth of LTO for the campaign depending on the total number of participants.

G. Merch: The top 3 users will also be given special rewards via the market place.

Users can earn points through Twitter and boost their rewards by inviting new users through the referral program. You can start now creating your account using my invitation link and getting a bonus from my side (you’ll get 5% of all my rewards):

About DAO Maker

DAO Maker is the creator of Social Mining and has been a key advisor for several leading projects in the blockchain space, that enhance their ecosystem exposure and general business development thanks to such cooperation. Social Mining is a sustainable, community-driven rewards system designed to reward people who contribute and add value to a project. LTO is one of the top projects that have already demonstrated the effectiveness of Social Mining.